My Latest Demo Reel

Put out a new reel featuring my work from Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Share it with your friends, co-workers, family, and pets today! Enjoy!

I collaborated with level designers, animators, artists, programmers, writers, and leads to create all cinematics and story events in Unreal. My tasks included:

  • Creating in-game cutscenes & pre-rendered FMVs
  • Implementing player interacts & story-driven spaces
  • Conceptualization & pre-viz
  • Scripting & level design
  • Camera design & animations
  • Actor, FX, and audio placement
  • Environmental animations & A.I. pathing
  • Writing dialogue & story contributions
  • Post-production work
  • Optimization & polish

The opening bumper is an homage to 80s Filmation cartoons. I created it entirely in AfterEffects.

(Song: “Missing You” – Trash80)
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