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I currently work at Remedy Entertainment as a Senior Cinematic Designer.

I have previously worked at Blizzard Entertainment, High Moon Studios, Liquid Entertainment, and Double Helix Games — all over a span of at least 15 years.

I create cutscenes using an existing library of in-game assets, animations, and FX.

I work directly with mocap animations and cameras, and can animate my own cameras.

I edit cutscene footage and compile selects from mocap shoots.

I perform set dressing, previz, storyboarding, and layout — all in engine.

I script all these into the game and can troubleshoot issues.

I’ve led teams and established real-time cutscene pipelines.

I’ve mentored other artists and new hires.

I’ve helped bridge communication gaps between teams.

I’ve standardized best practices and established workflow methods for other artists.

I have degrees in Computer Science, Psychology, and Animation.

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